Amid CV19 circumstances, Performance Dog Training (PDT) will strive to keep you informed about the status of our upcoming events. As we navigate forward, be aware that our events require continued approval from the Host Organization, as well as Federal, State, and City governments and may change at any moment.

In response to hosting events at this time, it will be necessary to make changes to the way we interact during the trial, by incorporating reasonable precautions to be CV19 safe. It is also important to make it easy for exhibitors to choose whether to participate or stay at home without worry of losing entry fees due to cancellations. These are the guidelines I propose, which may further be modified as we progress through changing conditions.

  1. THE LAW – We follow the rules of the City of San Diego for field use and group gatherings.
  2. CROWD CONTROL – In an effort to limit the number of people at the trial, only those who are running a dog should be at the site. Spectators are discouraged.
  3. ENTRY FEES – To limit the number of exhibitors at the trial, entry fees will be based on a daily rate per dog. For example, we offer 3 runs each day at our May trial. The entry fee is $45.
  4. REFUNDS / CREDITS – If you enter a PDT event and need to cancel for any reason then you get a full refund or credit, depending if you cancel before or after the closing date, respectively.
  5. STAY HOME – If you are feeling sick or are considered “vulnerable”, please stay home. It is not worth the risk and there is no penalty for cancelling your entry before the trial.
  6. PPE / HYGENE / DISTANCING – A mask or other face covering is required. Hand sanitizer is recommended. Gloves are optional. A cleaning station is near the field with soap and water. Use it often! Maintain the necessary social distance of 6 feet, including between canopies.
  7. BRING YOUR LUNCH – You will need to bring your own food and water for the day. We will not be doing Hospitality. If you forget to bring water, then we have potable water from a garden hose as well as bottle water for drinking.
  8. SCORES / RIBBONS / AWARDS – Scores will be posted, openly separated, to avoid congregating. Once they have been checked and verified, we will hand out ribbons and awards – Please do not return ribbons.
  9. DELAYS – There will be delays at the trial. Some are purposeful, so relax. Taking the necessary precautions adds time. Scaling back and limiting entries will ensure we are not at the show site longer than normal.
  10. THANK YOU – Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines is much appreciated and your continued support will ensure more events in the future.