Performance Dog Events accepts user registrations on a secure website. When you first register, you will create a personal username (your email) and password. After your new account is activated, you will be able to create a user profile. Start by clicking on the “Owner” tab and filling in your name, address, etc. Then click on the “My Dogs” tab and starting with “Dog 1”, fill in your dog’s information. Proceed to “Dog 2” and so forth. Your user profile is saved in the system and then will automatically fill in your entry form.

The process for registration and creating a user profile is as follows:

  1. Register – Create your user name and password.
  2. Activate Your Account – an activation link was sent to your email.
  3. Login – Access your account.
  4. Owner – Create and update your “Owner” profile.
  5. My Dogs – Create and update your “My Dog” profiles.
  6. Online Entry – Go to the “Online Entry” and select a trial to enter.
  7. Entry Form – The entry form will contain your user information.
  8. Submit – Your entry form is emailed to you and trial secretary.
  9. PayPal Option – Send fees to: Bring your vouchers to the trial.
  10. Postal Option – Print your form and mail it with fee and vouchers.