Volunteer Descriptions

Trial Chair – Oversees all trial activity before, during and after the trial. ¬†Chooses the location and the judge for the trial. Coordinates and communicates with other key persons, including the Judge, Trial Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, Awards Person, Score Keeper, Chief Course Builder, Hospitality, and Judge’s Helper. Promotes the trial and the Host Club through email announcements and social media. Leads¬†the morning briefing each day of the trial.

Secretary – Prepares the paperwork required by the agility organization including Trial Application, Field Diagrams, and Premium. Accepts entries and inputs all entry information into the Trial Secretary Program. Is responsible for sending the final results and paperwork to the sanctioning organization.

Score Keeper – Works at the trial, inputting scores from the scribe sheets to the Trial Secretary Program. Addresses exhibitor issues in regards to any scoring discrepancies. Verifies scores are accurate for submission to the agility organization.

Awards Person – Makes sure that ribbons are available, organized and kept stocked during the trial. Inventories the ribbons and other special awards at the end of the show and passes that information on to the host club for replenishing. Keeps track of and or interacts with exhibitors who could potentially earn a special award, and organize any small celebration at ring-side.

Chief Course Builder

Course Builder

Chief Ring Steward

Gate Steward


Scribe – Observes the judges calls when an exhibitor is running the course and records them on the scribe sheet.

Sheet Runner

Leash Runner

Pole Setter